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Surveillance Equipment

Security Cameras

Deter criminals and monitor employees in the office

Are you concerned about the safety and security of your office? Worried about theft, vandalism, or unauthorized access? Installing security cameras can be an effective solution to protect your workplace and promote peace of mind. With advancements in technology, security cameras are no longer just a luxury for large corporations. They have become an essential tool for businesses of all sizes. There are several benefits to installing security cameras in your office.

First and foremost, security cameras act as a powerful deterrent. When potential criminals see surveillance cameras in place, they are less likely to commit any wrongdoing, knowing their actions are being recorded.

Secondly, security cameras provide valuable evidence. In case of any incidents, whether it’s theft, vandalism, or workplace accidents, the footage captured by the cameras can serve as solid proof for investigations and legal proceedings.

Additionally, security cameras help improve employee productivity and accountability. With the knowledge that their actions are being monitored, employees are more likely to stay focused on their work and follow company policies and procedures.

Moreover, security cameras can enhance customer service. By monitoring interactions between employees and clients, businesses can identify areas for improvement and ensure consistent service quality.

Finally, security cameras provide remote monitoring capabilities, allowing business owners and managers to keep an eye on their office even when they are not physically present.

In conclusion, installing security cameras in your office offers numerous benefits, including deterrence, evidence gathering, improved productivity, enhanced customer service, and remote monitoring. By investing in a robust security camera system, you can protect your workplace and promote peace of mind for everyone involved.

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Video Surveillance

Cameras – IP & Analog

From the pioneer in Day/Night Cameras, Toshiba brings true innovation. Our Color Cameras are known for their unsurpassed image quality and unmatched durability. From high speed pan, tilt and zoom to IP network cameras, our product line accommodates an extensive array of applications using leading edge technology.

LCD Monitors

Introducing a new line of LCD surveillance monitors leveraging high-resolution and high-brightness to create the most productive work experience for security professionals. Measuring less than three inches deep, Toshiba’s new P1730A and P1930A monitors take only a fraction of the desk space of a typical CRT, while eliminating additional wiring.

Video Servers

Video encoders and decoders make it easy to access video over the internet. Using Internet Explorer, the Video Encoder allows users to have a true “view only” solution with no recording of video. A simple and secure solution for new or retrofit surveillance installations.

Recording Solutions

Toshiba digital recorders and software provide the right solutions to your surveillance needs. Whether it’s Internal RAID 5 capabilities, field-replaceable hard disks drives, support for multiple DVRs or connecting to up to 64 network cameras, Toshiba’s digital recorders are designed for real-world situations using leading technology.

Mobile Applications

Introducing the Toshiba Surveillix App. This simple mobile viewer lets you monitor live video from your Surveillix recorders using a Toshiba Thrive tablet, an Apple iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, Blackberry or Android phone. It gives instant access to all your cameras on the go. And it’s free!


Housings, control equipment, mounting hardware–accessories for all our surveillance and IP video products can be found on this page. Get the most out of your Toshiba Surveillance product with the accessories you need.

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