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Gainesville IT Company

Ready or not, small businesses are being driven to digital transformation. Make sure you’re ahead of the game with an IT company who does it right.

Keep Your Information Technology Competitive Without Breaking Your Budget

Upgrade IT solutions without unpredictable costs. Yes, it’s possible. Our IT company can show you how.

Why choose ComSys as your IT company in Gainesville?

  • Secure fixed costs for your technology by choosing the only Gainesville IT company that offers C-TAP.
  • Solve 85% of your IT issues remotely which is well above the industry average of 68%.
  • Put a stop to costly network downtime by trusting our 24/7 team to proactively prevent issues.
  • Align your business processes with your technology to prevent time and money wasted on unneeded IT.
  • Get expert support for your office technology, not just for your computer systems.

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ComSys IT Company: Premier Services Offered


Managed IT

Choose us as your managed services company and get more tech work done with less effort on your part.


Cloud Services

Get more out of your cloud solution by relying on experts who can implement, manage, and enhance it for you.


IT Support

Trust us as your 24/7 IT support company and never be left hanging when you need support after hours.


Disaster Recovery

Rapidly recover in the worst case scenario by letting our IT experts proactively plan a solid recovery roadmap with you.


IT Consulting

Whether you need full project management or just a little extra advice, count on our seasoned consultants to give your business what you need.


IT Helpdesk

Expedite simple solutions with an accessible IT helpdesk that can troubleshoot most user issues without escalation.


Network Monitoring

Stop productivity-killing network issues before they occur with our 24/7 network monitoring team pinpointing and neutralizing potential problems.



Establish a robust cybersecurity plan or enhance the one you already have by asking our cyber experts what you can do to stay secure.


VoIP Phone Systems

Say goodbye to communications bottlenecks with a centralized system and a more reliable telephone connection.

IT Firm in Gainesville

4566 NW 5th Blvd,
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Enjoy Long-Term Support For A Wide Range Of Technology

Our services include managed IT, but we know your business needs more. That’s why our goal is to be your complete technology company.

Additional Tech Solutions from Our IT Company

Gainesville IT Company

Hosted Communications Solutions

Dropped calls, poor call quality, and phone system downtimes are productivity killers. Worse yet, if it happens during communication with a client or partner, it can damage your organization’s reputation.

At ComSys, we understand the importance of seamless communication. That’s why we offer our state-of-the-art hosted solutions, powered by Star2Star Communications.

This award-winning technology boasts a unique architecture that ensures unparalleled reliability and call quality.

It doesn’t end there! We also manufacture the hardware, offer the telephone service, and continuously monitor all aspects to guarantee 99.9% reliability.

Video Surveillance

You know you need robust cybersecurity. You also know that you need strong physical security to keep your building safe. Did you know you can get both from the same company?

If you partner with ComSys, you can. We offer a comprehensive suite of surveillance products. Our products include high-quality IP, analog cameras known for their unmatched image clarity, and cutting-edge recording solutions designed for real-world scenarios.

For additional security, we can enhance your surveillance system with our range of LCD monitors, mobile applications, and advanced remote monitoring systems.

Gainesville IT Services Firm
IT Firm in Gainesville

Structured Cabling

Modern businesses rely on a consistent flow of information to stay productive. An outdated cabling infrastructure can disrupt this flow, slowing down operations and ultimately affecting your bottom line.

Count on structured cabling services from ComSys to keep your data flowing seamlessly. Whether it’s Voice, Data, Coax, Video, Twisted Pair, or Fiber Optic cabling, we always adhere to strict installation and testing guidelines.

This way, we can be sure that your data infrastructure maximizes your productivity from day one. No more interruptions, no more miscommunications.

Carrier Services

Are you overpaying on your monthly phone bill? Unsure if you’re utilizing redundant circuits? Feeling trapped between your phone company and your current vendor?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, you probably face unnecessary costs and hindered efficiency.

With ComSys’ carrier services, you can answer all of the above with a confident “no.” We meticulously analyze your monthly telecom and data bandwidth expenditures, assess your current service needs, and scout the market for optimal rates and services.

We can also be the primary liaison with your carrier. Let us address customer service queries or resolve billing issues.

IT Services Company in Gainesville

Our IT Services in Gainesville

Our IT Company FAQs

ComSys offers a base service package that can be tailored to your needs with various add-ons. Therefore, the final cost of your service will depend on the number of add-ons you choose and which ones.

No matter your final price, we do promise that you will receive a consistent monthly quote that helps keep your day-to-day costs under control.

Contact us for an exact figure.

C-TAP stands for Current Technology Assurance Program. Its goal is to help businesses upgrade to new technology solutions without raising their monthly fees and lowering any upfront costs.

ComSys became North Central Florida’s only C-TAP IT company by leveraging several strategic partnerships. These partnerships let us give you the opportunity to lease solutions and spread costs over time.

ComSys is a whole tech IT company. That means we offer both hardware and software support. So, we can look at your computer hardware and perform repairs if needed.

Our team is also well-equipped to assess if your suspected hardware issue is actually a software issue. From there, we’ll take the needed steps to troubleshoot this issue without any additional effort on your part.

We can support clients from anywhere across the nation or the world. The only limitation is for onsite support which we can only offer clients in the US.

One big advantage we have for international companies is our 24/7 service. Thanks to this service model, we can confidently provide great IT support to clients in very different time zones to ours.

ComSys is a B2B IT company. That means that we can only help you with business technology-related queries. Please seek another IT provider if you need help with a personal device.

However, if your personal device is used for work, we can look at it, assuming your employer is our client. In this case, your device is part of your company’s IT network and requires the same service as all other endpoints.